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If there’s one question the internet has answered almost definitively, it’s “Is there such a thing as too much choice?” Recent research shows that cognitive functioning deteriorates substantially when people are asked to choose between 12 similar options. The greater the number of alternatives, the more mentally taxing it is for people to form a decision. This phenomenon is commonly known as choice overload or “overchoice.” How does overchoice relate to the challenges facing the...


Brennan Dunn, a former marketing consultant and founder of RightMessage, wrote the book on personalization for online marketing. Back in 2008, when he was running a consulting firm in Virginia, he was “bitten by the SaaS bug” (as he says) from spending time with friends like Amy Hoy, founder of 30×500 Academy. Fast forward to 2011, and Dunn founded Planscope, a project management and reporting software for consultants that helps its customers close 2-3x more...


Conversational marketing and sales software company Drift is changing what marketing to customers should look like. Founded on the principle that a company’s sales strategy is inseparable from customer feedback, Drift has become one of the biggest players in the growing B2B consumer chatbots space. Chatbots are everywhere, and Drift makes it their business to make sure they are operated in a smart way to drive new leads. As a growing hub for SaaS, Boston...

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