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About SaaS Mag

SaaS Mag was born from SaaS M&A advisors who have had the privilege to encounter no shortage of brilliant SaaS founders, executives and investors. Recognizing that the SaaS industry has expanded exponentially over the last decade—and it’s no wonder given the influence of technology on businesses—these advisors saw a need for a community to support enthusiasts of the dynamic SaaS industry. Enter, SaaS Mag.

Businesses are nearing a critical point at which operating without SaaS will become impossible, if it isn’t already. Over the last five years in particular, the SaaS businesses being valued and sold have become more complex, sophisticated, and most importantly, aware of their customers’ needs. At SaaS Mag, we are incredibly excited for the future of the SaaS industry, and increasingly so as the dialogues contained in this magazine grow ever insightful. There is no question that SaaS is integral to the success of both the B2B and B2C markets—now it is a matter of waiting to see where the industry is driven by its brilliant founders, investors, operators and enthusiasts. With our finger on the pulse, our experts are right alongside every major development, story, accomplishment, disappointment and breakthrough made in the SaaS industry.


Saas Mag

SaaS Mag, the world's definitive quarterly SaaS publication for those working or interested in the industry, speaks directly to the biggest players in the SaaS space to gather key business and technical insights, as well as current market trends. The biggest quarterly SaaS publication to date, SaaS Mag is distributed to a network of tens of thousands of professionals in the SaaS space, offering expert techniques, advice and profiles from owners, advisors and leading commentators in SaaS.

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